How do I schedule my Instagram Posts? 3 New Apps to Integrate Instagram Into Your Media Calendar


Instagram was a digital hurricane to the world of images, turning complex photography on its head and squarely placing it in the hands of the average person. A quick capture now has endless possibilities of filters and frames with tonal tweaks styling your snap shot. Loved by millions, from teens to marketing directors, it has one seeming flaw… how do you schedule the posts??

Scheduling sites such as hootsuite and sprout social have championed the industry for all the major platforms and yet the provision for Instagram is noticeably lacking. This is due to Instagram’s tough policy on quality. They don’t want to open up their API so that they can, ‘control what comes into the ecosystem’.

So for those of you lost in a perpetual maelstrom of picture posting, there is a way out! We have collaborated a number of methods for you to interact with the beloved Instagram. Let us know what you think and what you’ll be using!


  1. Schedugram ( )

The sneaky folks at Schedugram have found a way around Instagram’s API! You can hear the digital media managers jumping to joy from the rooftops.

The team are hoping that Instagram will not try and block their break though and are banking on the fact that the impending launch of Instagram’s Advertising Service at the start of next year will make them cautious of upsetting any big brands that are currently utilizing Schedugram.

There is also a fear for the site that Instagram would make a u-turn and open up the API, wasting thousands of hours of investment. In an article on the apps website,  Schedugram co-founder and chief executive Hugh Stephens says “We’ve invested a lot in this software, all our own capital, and we’d lose that if they opened it soon. We don’t think it’s likely. From conversations we’ve had and media coverage, we know it’s not a primary interest of theirs right now,” Stephens says.

So for now this seems like the best solution to our question, but in this ever evolving and brave new world, it is always important to look at the full story.. which bring us on to our next option.


2. LaterGramme ( )
Latergramme is also a great option but seems to have less functionality than Schedugram. Where as Schedugram posts directly to Instagram, Latergramme allows you to upload Instagram posts to its interactive calendar, set the post with your caption and schedule when you want to upload you photo. The app will send a notification to your mobile when it is time to post and you will be prompted to open the official Instagram app to publish the item to your feed.

This adds quite a few more steps to the process as the software has not been able to get around Instagram’s API and whilst it would be useful for a single user, I think it could be very manic if you were managing multiple accounts.


3. Picture Life (
Developed this year by OMGPOP’s founder, Charles Forman, Picture Life is a cloud storage system to back up all of your images and yes post them to social media networks!   Although it is not a scheduling system, we are still including it here because of it’s huge capacity for images and videos. The service makes it simple to collate all of your pictures from multiple platforms into an easily accessible and safe space. Spread over three packages, you can upload from 1,700 to 34,000 images in one place from iPhone, Android and Windows and Mac operating systems.
Rather than being a new social sharing platform, Picture Life is designed to be private. There are an estimated 1.28 billion active Facebook users who upload images daily and with so much digital real estate, it is imperative to have a place to back up your data.

Think it sounds like a good idea? Picture Life give you your first 8GB of secure storage completely free which you can keep private, share with friends via email, text message or URL OR post to social media platforms. This seems like a very sleek operation dedicated to quality so we definitely recommend having a look and letting us know your experience.

Flourish or Fail. The Importance of Copywriting for your Business.

cop writing


Boost your profits now!

Copywriting is at the core of all communication. It surrounds you everyday in direct mail pieces, taglines, jingle lyrics, webpage content, online ads, e-mail and other Internet content, television or radio commercial scripts, press releases, white papers, catalogs, billboards, brochures, postcards, sales letters, and other marketing communications media pages. It is also gleaming at you as soon as you look at your smart phone, laptop and desktop with digital platforms critically planned to return the largest value for your pair of eyes. Are you utilizing these skills for your business though? It’s time it became top of your priority list.

Leaders of business understand copy writings critical position in the digital age. Layout, SEO, consistency and growth hacking are the skeleton of a site but copywriting is the flesh that shapes the whole proposition.

As the traditional market has moved online, your shop window is just as imperative for your business as it ever was, so why risk underselling yourself? Copywriting is the art of concisely conveying your offering and reaffirming it’s quality to your customers. It instills professionalism, trust and above all the necessary edge to succeed. Overlook it and you risk slipping into digital noise, scrabbling for business.

It is critical that companies do not to fall into the trap of believing that a copywriter will magically set profits soaring without any input from them however. Marketing teams need to know exactly what they want to include in their communications to show off their offering in full glory.

Accurate copy will also boost SEO, ranking your site high at the lofty tiers of Google. This makes it even more important to ensure you’re populating the right arena. Work with your copywriter and you will tap into great riches, they’re just a click away.

Social Media is turning the tide. Are you riding the wave or being lost in the swell?


Originally social media was seen as a frivolous platform for teens to interact and send funny pictures of their cats.  Traditional advertising was the domain of the blue chip companies with serious tactics for discerning types with deep pockets.  Conversations were one way and glossy print ads dominated editor’s desks as aspirational beacons for the average joe.


This is not the case in 2014 and especially in the Arab world.  The continual stream of marketing messages each day disenchants consumers and they are looking for humanity.  The global brand leaders are wide awake to this fact and listening with urgency.  An average of 70% of the Arab World access the Internet daily and Bahrain leads the GCC spending an average 4.1 hours a day on social media.


There are four prime activities critical to social success – monitor, respond, amplify and lead.


  1. Monitor.  Scan social media feeds, listening to the conversations people are having about your brands, your competitor’s brands and your industry as a whole.  These insights will supercharge your product and make it something your customers cannot live without.  You are no longer giving them what you THINK they want you are giving them exactly what they NEED.
  2. Respond.  Join the conversation.  Why should anyone show any interest in you or take the time to interact if you are stuck alone in the corner?  Social strips us to our primal instincts; it is beautifully simple if you are willing to embrace it. Plus you will be the first one on the scene if anything goes wrong.  Social media platforms are ideal for exemplary customer service and everyone knows that customer retention is key to success!.
  3. Amplify.  Spread the word and let your customers be your real life brand advocates!  We all search for those trusty recommendations from real people apposed to manicured advertising messages.  Advocates group together and create communities that are utterly priceless for grass roots growth.
  4. Lead. Take charge of your own destiny and lead the conversation.  Pioneer product launches, offers and industry news.  You can shape your niche whilst being continuously in touch with your customer base.  It is real time market research that allows your business to be truly dynamic.


Social Media is no longer the fluffy immeasurable media measured in ‘likes’ or ‘shares’, marketers are driving down to the details and report monthly with business ROI figures that translate directly into your business.  You can not afford to avoid this crucial asset any longer.. the figures add up.

Putting the social back in Social Media – Time to network!

SMMW fb pic

Networks have been the Holy Grail to spreading news for eons and it as important as ever in the digital age, but where is the humanity?  By spending too many hours delving into the digital domain, are we sacrificing our real networking skills?

It is, oh so easy to hide behind a Twitter handle or merely watch other people’s world go by, hidden behind a cyber veil.  Whilst contacts may ‘Like’ you or begin ‘Following’ you, how much are they truly engaging in your content?  More importantly, how much are you engaging in theirs!

Often we need to just slide back from the computer and venture out into the real world to rendezvous with real people.  More than ever we need to surround ourselves with subject leaders.  A networking session with industry masterminds can be 10 times more valuable than a one-way conversation from a computer chair.

I’m certainly excited to be stepping out very far and heading 8000 miles to San Diego, California for Michael Stelzner’s, three day Social Media Marketing World conference in March.  The top talents in the industry will be holding seminars on the most valuable subjects whilst the halls will be bustling with like minded marketers eager to share inspirations, aspirations and real life, face time!

I will be reporting all about my journey and the evolution of CopyKat Media as a result of this marketing maelstrom.  Let me know if you’re going to be there too, I would love to connect!

Check out for details of the event.

Bye-bye, StackMob: Platform shuts down following acquisition by PayPal

Featured Image -- 45


Another example of how acquisition of companies can be a game changer and revolutionary for the parent brand. I wonder how PayPal will utlilise these tech wiz’s.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

It was probably inevitable that things would change after PayPal(s ebay) bought StackMob and its mobile app development platform three months ago. Now that change has arrived. StackMob is shutting down and its people are being pulled into mobile payments, according to a blog post by StackMob co-founder Ty Amell.

Here’s the gist: The platform will stop working on May 11, 2014 and at that time, customers will lose access to their accounts. “This serves as our notice of termination of our agreement with you,” Amell wrote.

He continued:

“To ease the transition, we are launching a data exporter to help you get all your data out of StackMob in CSV format. If you would like the data you have stored in StackMob, please ensure you export your data before May 11th (the data will not be available for export after this date). If you have any specific questions about…

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